he’s so proud

Ah yes. An apparent outstanding “Hero” for the world of bullying/depression, yet plays a part in one of the world’s biggest mass bullying gathering that’s publicly televised :’)

Exactly what i thought when i saw it 👆


The devil and god is raging inside me // Brand New

Connie at Buju Tattoo


I’ve met some pricks in my time but you are the fucking cactus.


if youre attractive and you talk to me first, chances are im very confused


A Day to Remember performing City of Ocala live at the APMAs

I hope you all find someone who gives you cute names and tells you it’s adorable when you do embarrassing things and hugs you when it’s early in the morning and makes you feel like you have a whole disneyland fireworks show going off inside your body and never ever lets you go 


People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for. Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird (via wordsnquotes)

A robot named hitchBOT traveled all the way across Canada in a month, relying only on rides from strangers and tweeting photos and status updates for the entire journey. Source

Rock On